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Talking about my pins!: wedding board

I love my wedding board and apparently so do a lot of other people! I have a ton of people I don’t know following just my wedding board. And this necklace is one of my most repinned pins!

Isn’t that gorgeous!!!
You can find it here
Once I have some fund for my wedding I will definitely be purchasing this from her etsy store….the best part is it’s only 29$!! And it looks so expensive. But this pin is up to 305 pins and I usually have between 3-5 people repin this everyday. Such a great add to my board.
Since we are on the topic of neckaces here is a pictures to help match the perfect necklace with the neckline of your top or dress 🙂



Love all of these and I find them very helpful!
Hope this inspires someone 😙


Talking about my pins!: wedding dresses

I have searched and searched and searched AND SEARCHED for the perfect wedding dress.
The problem is I already have one. My dad liked it so we got it but it wasn’t what I wanted.
Now I’m not going to post a picture of it because I don’t want my hubby accidentally coming across it.

This is what I want

This I found today which I fell in love with.

This is what made me look for something like that
*this picture came from a seller on craigslist*


Now these look ABSOLUTELY nothing like my dress which is a a-line with little bit of detail on a lace overlay. I feel pretty in my dress but I’m not sure I felt pretty in my dress because my dad said I did or if I really did. I want to feel like a princess in my dress which My dress is princess like and the dresses I am looking at are not princess at all. So I’m not sure if I’m just dreaming of being sexy, which I do often but never go through with, or if I am actually meant to wear something like that. I feel like I should visit a bridal store and try on something like it because I haven’t yet or if I should just stop looking and be happy with my dress I already have?

Another thing I’m worried about is if my hubby will like my dress because he has a problem with “old lady” stuff which is bad because I love vintage antique looking things… My dress is definitely not what you see in bridal magazines nowadays which I actually like but what he categorizes as “old lady like” would be lace and the style which my dress has both so I think my solution is going to have to be that my hubby and I go to a bridal shop I try on dresses similar to both the already bought dress and what I’ve been dreaming of.

Any suggestions?

Talking about my pins!: centerpiece

Well my first “talking about my pins” post was going to be about a cake I made for my sons first birthday party. I spent two days on this cake and was very disappointed soooo I won’t be sharing the pictures because it just is not worth the embarrassment…

Anyway. This centerpiece is exactly what I was wanting for our wedding.

It is so perfect I love it. Does that mean I will get it… Probably not…
This is what my step mother and I have come up with. She picked these fake flowers up and we kind of just worked with what we have.




The last one is more like what I want and I could probably pick up other flowers to achieve my goal of the top picture.
This pin is not one of my popular ones but it is nice!
My wedding is kind of a romantic simple country family BBQ. I’m really taking the theme country/rustic chic and making it my own. That’s generally what I do. I look for inspiration and make up what I think is the best way to do that something I found inspirational. Hopefully my step mother and I can figure out a way to get the flowers I really want! 😊