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Grocery shopping!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I went shopping for groceries!
Well as for my list of meals I wanted to make and buy groceries for… Yea I made like 2 dishes off the list..
I’m just not organized like that. I really really tried to do it this way but I’m to unorganized. I live day by day. Idk what’s for dinner until it’s time to start cooking. I just whip something up most of the time it’s what looks good to me that day or I have an inspiration from a cooking show or Pinterest or I have a request from Rhylen but those request are usually done for lunch.
BUT the good news is that we are not running out of food. Usually I’m counting the days the last 10 days before we get our grocery money but we could last probably another week without being bothered and we only have 5 days until we get grocery money 🙂 that’s how good I did last time.
The con to this is that now it’s harder to come up with a list because we still have stuff and last time we needed everything. But the good to that con is my grocery list I currently have (which will most likely be modified) is significantly smaller than the last so we have a little more wiggle room to splurge.
This shopping trip I have saved a ton of coupons good coupons at that and hopefully Kroger has a good sale going on when I do go.
I have found that I’m good at saving money that’s all I think about which was not the case a few years ago. I lived with my family then and I never had to worry about the cost of anything. Now I have my own family with a very tiny budget that I have to work around. All I do is look for sales. Whenever I had to buy scrubs for class I went to goodwill… Not even a consignment shop…goodwill. I think I maybe paid 40$ for 15 pairs of scrubs. That is what makes me happy lol. Now I could really save cash if I did the meal planning thing like I planned on but ugh I’m so lazy lol. But the point is I’m always trying to find ways to save money even on Pinterest
I found this pin on how a stay at home mom found ways to cut corners so they can afford to live off of one income

You can find it here or it’s on my “kids” board on Pinterest
She talks about a ton of places to save money not even on the grocery bill loved it and it was so organized. great post.
I do have a tip for moms who are on a strict grocery budget. The gerber graduates entrees ARE NOT WORTH IT. I REPEAT NOT WORTH IT. They are expensive and you can create much better tasting food for your babies than what they offer. It may take you a tiny bit longer than what it would take to put those in the microwave but trust me you will be much happier not to add that to your grocery list. I just remembered this because I saw a couple I had bought that we never used because my son didn’t like them.
Here is some meal ideas from my “kids” Pinterest board

Hope this inspires someone 😙