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Homemade hacks all in one place!

This is for those cheapskates, such as myself, out there!
I love saving money anywhere and everywhere. My hubby on the other hand like to put in as little work as possible.. If he can buy it to save him some trouble then that’s what he will do. I am slowly bringing him over to my side of things. But I’ve posted several blog post about my saving money and a mention of how to be able to be a stay at home mom. Well that post featured a different post from someone else about how she saves money by buying things bulk especially cleaning supplies. Well what if you were trying to be more natural with what you buy? Then your really coming out of pocket for those things because it’s a fad right now and they know they squeeze every penny from you. Well you can be even more organic than them by making your own! Because most of those products they are selling “organic” still have traces of nasty preservatives and chemicals. What really shed light is my friend is privileged enough to be able to stay with her parents while she is off of school without working so her project she announced on Facebook for the summer was to make her own soap. A little note on me is I love soap I love the expensive soap but I hate paying the expensive soap price! But anyway she makes all kinds of soap and she is an all natural person she hates chemicals so there is nothing hazardous in her soap and she can make whatever natural scent she wants! Just the other day she made a cinnamon soap and first it was so beautiful to look at and I bet it smelled wonderful!
Well I hate the prices of store bought cleaning supplies especially if I have the time to make it myself! And I know that not a lot of people get that luxury so maybe research your products for your best option! But I want to make a lot of things including soap laundry detergent and baby wipes! The wipes mostly because I don’t like the fact that they have alcohol in them! Ick that hurts my boys when they have rashes!
The laundry detergent is outrageous and I have to buy tide because my boys even my hubby are so sensitive! It’s like 20$ for 70 loads of laundry! Which doesn’t sound like that much but it really is when you realize if you make your own it can give you 200-300 loads for 20$. The only thing I’m worried about with my own laundry detergent is if it will be okay for their sensitive skin but when I go shopping for their supplies I’m going to compare the products and see if there is a extra sensitive version. I wish I had more to talk about with this but I haven’t even started the projects yet! As soon as I get my supplies together and start all of this I will post everything! You can find all of my discoveries of recipes for these topics here or go to my Pinterest page under the “for the home” board!
Hope this inspires someone! 😙


My son saved my life.

I just want to say that this will be about my faith in God and you don’t like to read about that or it offends you then please keep scrolling

This is my first born son and I. He is truly a gift from god.
I suffer from severe chronic depression and have only in the past year tried medicine to help it. I loved in denial about it for a very very long time. I believe it’s genetic because my mother had it. The point is I cannot handle extreme situations. Especially if it involves death. My mother had a lot of health issues starting with a brain tumor that she survived and a serious infection that put her in ICU. She survived all of this to die from a fall in her house. Whenever she was sick with the tumor I was young and didn’t understand the whole situation. He kept her here for me. She had the infection and I was pregnant with my son I prayed and I prayed to let her see him born. He kept her here for me. It was the February of my senior year and it was a few months before my son turned 1. He took her from me. I was angry I gave up my faith I didn’t understand why. But now I look at him and I thank god that I had him to take care of otherwise I think I would have taken my own life I was so sad for such a very long long time and I envisioned how much easier it would be just to give up. But I would look at his face and think of how I feel now without my mom and I would be doing that to him. I would make him mad and angry and make him give up on his faith he might have a chance to have. It’s been two years since my mother died and my son is now three and I truly couldn’t imagine having a better little boy. He is truly the sweetest little boy and I am so thankful that he is mine and I’m so thankful God gave me something to hold on to while he took my mother from her pain.
I still deal my depression but at least I know what it is and what I can do to help it get better because my pride and joy deserves everything in this world.


Frustrated… Just plain frustrated

I’m sorry I know I have been making my blog a lot about my personal life lately but I promise after this one I will try harder to just post my opinions about recipes and wedding and stuff
But tonight will be another vent session 😥
So my hubby has always been a pipe dreamer… He talks and talks but never follows through.. He kind of wants to have a get rich fast kind of thing… But now he has settled on this idea of being an engineer which we know is not an easy task or a short process… Now we have a family to support along the way of this journey to be “rich”… I am being sensible and getting a bachelors in nursing four years and we can have a decent life with just my income if we had to. He didn’t graduate high school but has his GED but is not the brightest bulb. ok he struggles with math significantly and he failed his THEA so he had to take a bunch of remedials Which is basically high school courses in college. He has been taking those for two years and is just now starting regular classes… How is someone who can barely pass algebra going to make it to be an engineer… I am not saying my hubby couldn’t do it but it would take him a while and I am behind whatever he wants to do I just wish he would be more reasonable and not just look at the dollar signs… My step mother brought up a position where he could work in that type of field and support us with just a little bit less than what the engineer would make and he wouldn’t even have to have a degree to do it but if he had just a little bit of college it would help him out. So she is telling me about it and says that sometimes if you work for a company long enough they will pay for you to go back to school (yay no loans!). So I’m thinking well this is a great idea and maybe he would think so to.. He totally shot it down didn’t even think about it. His response was “you would move schools so I could do that but you won’t if I wanted to go to another school to get my degree?”
What?! Why would I if we can’t afford the college you want to go to and you won’t be freaking working!
This is where he could have a GREAT job while I finish school and when I’m working he could cut back hours and pursue what he wanted while they paid for it and even if they didn’t he could still cut back and take just a few classes… He has absolutely no patience! He wants the big bucks now not later when I’m not sure we will ever get to that point..
He has no grasp of the concept of loans either… He just looks at all the money he could have now and doesn’t care if he has to pay it back later. Now we have discussed that since we have the boys that I could stay home and go to school while he worked and went to school. Now for us to survive we need our return checks from college which we would only get if we took out loans which we have to anyway but you don’t have to take everything they offer you. But he does.. He wants to pay off his car by a new sports car and buy a motorcycle and get tattoos so many things that are unnecessary and will not benefit us as a family in anyway. I think we should only take as much as we need to survive and that’s it because we will pay for it later and he’s gonna wish that he had never done it.. I don’t understand his logic and I’m really stressed at how we will function. I love him dearly he is a wonderful person but he can be so naive about things and I know he has wants that he should be able to fill but there is the no patience thing again. He can’t wait until we can afford it by ourselves to get these things.. I just don’t know how to express all these feeling I have about all this without him being defensive. We disagree so much in this very important subject it makes me question how we will be able to function together later in life…
Can anyone shed some light on this sticky subject… 😰

It’s time for a rant!

Ok so writing things down helps me get over stuff so let’s have a talk about my day.
Woke up.. Late around 9:45 both my kids were up but didn’t come wake me and for some reason the baby monitor was unplugged!? But they are only 1 and 3 so they don’t know to come get me.. Anyway I get up quickly because we suppose to be meeting their cousins for lunch at 11:15 I hurry make them breakfast get them cleaned off and dressed about 10:50 I’m throwing on clothes and trying to get their shoes on. I am literally 2 min down the road from my house and a cop pulls me over… Just GREAT. My inspection sticker is out… I get a ticket… Great… Then we head over to the play ground and they play but my children refuse to eat probably because they had pancakes for breakfast but it had been a while so I figured they would be wanting a snack like they usually do but my kids decide today of all days is to defy me and throw a huge tantrum in the middle of the play areas while everyone stares at us… So then we go to see their grandma at work so she can watch them while I get my sticker done because there is a penzoil right behind her job… Everything is good until I try to take the boys home… And here is the 2nd tantrum of our day… But I had gotten a call while the cop was pulling me over that we were excepted to a program for the boys to get then ready for kindergarten and we had to make doctor appointments and bring proof that we made the appointments. Sooooo after we get the screaming toddlers into the car and leave I have to take them to their doctor and dentist to get appointment cards for our enrollment on Monday. Ok so in the chaos that was last night and today I haven’t cleaned my house so I bring two sleepy toddlers into my house and I’m just like oh crap I haven’t cleaned and their grandpa is coming over in a couple of hours to get something. This is okay because they are about to take a nap right? Not…. Thankfully at least one is passed out but the other refuses naps now that he is out of school… And all this is going on and I’m worried about my dad getting mad because it was his car and he wanted me to call him whenever I got my oil changed which I didn’t do and my inspection done…


The moral of the story is… Keep your head up because the pain will fade and the sun will shine again and everything will be okay again.