About Me!

I am 20 year mom student and soon to be wife! . I have two boys. Yes you read that right. 20 year old with two young boys. Just to deter you from any negative thoughts about me. I am not a normal 20 year old I stay with my kids I don’t party I cook and clean. I am a proper mom and wife. I don’t party and I have very few but close friends who are also moms. I have grown up even though it was sooner than most but I am happy. This is definitely not how I pictured my life but I wouldn’t change anything. And before you apply all those stereotypes yes they have the same father and yes we are still together. Are we married? No but working on it! 😍 I am going to school to become a pediatric RN. I love kids and most of all I want to save them from all the bad things in this world. For now I stay at home with my kids and I’m loving it! My hubby provides for us and he is also going to school as well. Him and I have been together for six years and have a three year old (Rhylen) and a one year old (Jace). I had Rhylen at seventeen whenever I was a junior in high school. I believe that without that little boy I would not be doing as well as I am. He wasn’t on purpose but is definitely a blessing! Jace was not on purpose either but I believe he saved our relationship. No matter how they got here we love them and couldn’t imagine our lives without them. I believe that they put me on the right path for my life.

Well the reason for my blog is because I have a lot of stuff on Pinterest and have notice my page becoming more and more popular especially my wedding board! I want to describe my reasoning behind my Pins and to record my wedding plans and a special trip to disney for our boys! I will probably talk about cooking (because I love cooking) and our diet we are on(also for the wedding lol)!

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs!