Meal planning! My shopping trip!

So I’m done shopping y’all!
Now I’m going to admit my faults and praise my rights!Lol
Let’s do faults first.
One I bought stuff not on my list but in my defense I had good coupons and these things we semi needed items.
Two I brought one of my kiddos along
Three I kinda went over board on the crystal light…
So when I took my kiddos to the doc for their check ups they weighed my three year old and told me he weighed 52 pounds and was 3ft 3in tall.. That’s a BIG three year old. He is in the 75 percentile for his height but unfortunately his weight has sky rocketed off the chart.. Why am I telling you this? Because my child does nothing but drink juice all day long when he was at day care he would only get milk at lunch and water the rest of the day but he knows we have it here and refuses water now 😦 so because juice has a ton of calories and sugar I decided to not buy juice and get the crystal light mixes and the squirt mix stuff. This has less calories and he still has the water. I went over board on crystal light because as I said last blog post my Kroger was doing the buy five save five and almost all the crystal light was part of that. I got each thing of crystal light for 1.68$! Awesome deal so I bought a bunch.. Like every flavor… Probably won’t have to buy some until the middle of next month. That took a good chunk from my budget that I wasn’t planning on spending for it but at least I didn’t spend a ton on juice and that!
Let’s move on the the praise!
I did so well on my meat! They didn’t have a ton of sales for meat but they had several items on manager special!
I got ground chicken for .79 cents a pound! I only got two because we really don’t use ground chicken but I figured I would come up with something. I got pork chops sets of four for 2.00$ each! Almost every item of meat I got was manager special. They also had the pack of ten burgers for ten dollars. I also got a big bag of chicken leg quarters for 6.69. I did very well and got a lot. My was empty freezer is now packed to the brim! Along with the five for five deal I had corresponding coupons and got some juice for me and the hubby. It was the trop50 and the tropicana farm stand I got for a 1.50 each! For my whole trip I saved around 65$! Woohoo!
I think we should be able to last all month at least I hope so!


So me again…

This post will be about me but if you follow me you know I finally went on my big shopping trip today and things went great but I had such a big list that I will have to go back tomorrow and once I finish I will write all about it πŸ™‚
Anyway so I’m suppose to come into some money finally which we will have to pay back later but it’s hard being broke and if you don’t have to pay it back until way later then why not live a little? Idk how I feel about this but there is a lot of things we need… Ugh but anyway I have made a wish list for myself because I really need clothes I can’t fit anything anymore and everything I did fit for some reason has been lost.. I think I had my clothes in a trash bag when we moved and it took us forever to get unpacked so we started just throwing things away and I’m pretty sure my clothes were a part of that… I think it was a bag I thought was old baby clothes but I found that bag so anyway. I have nothing to wear and what I do wear does not fit not even my t shirts fit anymore. This is so frustrating I can’t even be comfortable anymore. I’ve gain quite a bit of weight since the kids which is no excuse but I planned on loosing weight obviously this would take a while. But should I really be buying practically a whole new wardrobe if I am trying to loose weight.. I don’t think I’ll ever get to where I want to be but hopefully in a medium but I have to buy x large now… How can you even try to loose weight when your shirt comes up and exposes your belly to everyone while you work out or all your shorts all so short you look like a hooker on the corner.. Also all my clothes are from early High school (my parents stopped buying clothes for me when I got pregnant) I don’t feel like a grown woman when I wear most of my things But it’s also hard to even go in public because I worry how I look.. I think I will buy the clothes and hopefully I will slowly loose weight and can buy or alter things later..

Meal planning!

So I’ve been busy lol. And today was suppose to be shopping day but my hubby is off tomorrow and offered to watch the kids all day while I did my thing plus another bonus is my local Kroger and probably yours to is havering double points when you shop on the weekend! So I am super excited about my points I’m about to add up because lord knows we need the discount on gas.its $3.55 here! In Dallas it’s like $3.30 and we are closer to the gulf! Don’t get me started on the monopoly we have here ugh… Anyway. Another reason is Kroger just ended it’s last promotion and began a new one with the buy 5 save 5. I love these deals because that dollar off each is awesome and if you have a coupon it’s even cheaper! And most of the time I get most of the items that qualify. So I just decided that it would be best to wait until tomorrow. I did however go get stuff for dinner because I literally had used the rest of my meat last night. If you haven’t figured it out by my clues of shopping one month at a time so much money for groceries and a specific “shopping day” we receive food stamps. I know to lots this is a horrible program people take advantage of but my hubby works 25 hours a week at 9 per hour. That doesn’t bring a lot in and even if I did work all my money would go to day care.. So before you judge us we especially me do not plan on being on this forever I hate having to use it but we are two struggling student parents. So if you pay taxes and also buy your own food thank you for your help
But anyway so shopping day is tomorrow! I have gone through my coupons and my ad to find not a lot of items on my list are on sale which is really gonna hurt the budget but hopefully once I get into the store I will see more deals I can take advantage of. If you didn’t know the store can’t put everything in their ad so they put what they think will draw the customers and they have other sales also in the store they didn’t advertise.
But if you are trying to really budget and can shop at your leisurely then hitting those sales are a must and it might be good if you buy a bunch at once and then you can do the freezer meal thing! I would do the freezer meal plan buttttt one my freezer is TINY I mean extra small… And two I don’t have the leisurely option.
I found this article about her freezer meals and the options she has are so down to earth that a regular family would eat the prices are ridiculously cheap that she has but it’s from 2011 so don’t count on your shopping trip to be that cheap. Freezer Meals!
I found it really interesting and hope it helps someone πŸ˜ƒ

Meal Planning! Helpful shopping tips

So I was tired of writing the original title and I plan on writing about this particular topic a lot so it gets it’s own title😊

Okay so I have gotten through my entire list for our grocery trip! Good thing to because shopping day is only 2 days away! I would have been done sooner but so much had been going on lately.
This is my list

Pretty big huh? Well 90% of it is basics… When I said we ran out of food I totally meant it.. We even went into my back ups. I keep backups just in case this was to happen. If we didn’t have help from family and friends we would have had to resort to a food bank or something. A friend of ours actually didn’t know we needed food but helps us out every now and then and they brought us a ton of canned goods enough to keep us fed and have a back up stash. They even brought snacks for the kids which is what I was worried the most about. We are so blessed to have such good people by our side.

But anyway I good tip I have found really helpful is to split your list into categories. Mine has meat produce frozen can cold/dairy snacks and miscellaneous. Make a rough draft list for starters and have the categories laid out which ever way you remember the things you need once you feel you are done make a new list and put the categories in an order of most important, most expensive, or the most to the least whatever works for you just some kind of organization is good. I put meat at the top because it is what we consider to be most important. (Just happens to be one of the categories that have to most because we have ran out of reserves) second I have produce because my youngest loves fresh fruit and I use fresh vegetables the most when I cook so that category has a lot and is important. They are also close to each other in the store. Another good tip is if you know your store well and go a certain way every time you go you can organize your list to the way you go through your store. I have actually read that if you are shopping and trying to stay healthy to shop the perimeter of the store. That has the fresher items most of the time and will rarely have snacks to tempt you. This doesn’t quite work at my local Kroger because at the very end of the right side is the bakery and snack isles… If you know your store well just stay away from the isles you know will tempt you. I start out at meat and make my way around the store avoiding the processed foods and snacks. Make your list and hopefully it’s smaller than mine so you can leave room for added things that you forgot but remember later. Make sure you make a list way in advance to your shopping trip because I always forget something and then I go shopping and whenever I am unloading I go oh shoot I forgot that… So you have your list right but then you see something and go oh I can put that in this or that would be a good snack for the kids. IGNORE IT. Stick to your list. only get what’s on the list and if you have money left over you can always come back. But most of the time you won’t because you didn’t really need it to begin with. If it’s something you actually do need but forgot on the list then that’s ok. I always forget to get olive oil but if I go down the isle by accident because it’s on the baking isle (I don’t bake so I don’t go through there) I will see it and go oh I need that. But most of the time I forget and end up using all my butter or vegetable oil. Ok well you have added things to your list and feel it is complete you have even double checked your recipes to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Make another list so it’s nice and pretty and to go over the categories again so that not to miss a single thing and there you go! You are ready to go shopping!
Another helpful hint is if you can afford it or know someone who will watch your kids it will help you concentrate more without them there. It’s also helpful not to hear mama I want this or juice or pleaaaassse. For some of us this is not an option so I have found that if your store has those buggies with the cars in front where your kids can sit it helps them stay out of your hair for at least a little bit. Another tip is to forbid any toys into the store because 1 it could get lost and 2 you won’t have to stop every ten feet to pick it up because they want to play maybe if I throw it I can get out and run around.

This is my meal plan
Don’t laugh ok


I have this list also in categories by the type of meat each has. I have a ton of recipes that include chicken because chicken is really like a blank canvas and can be used so many different ways. But my hubby is not a chicken fan. He likes it but is tired of it all the time. So I make sure I have different proteins each having close to the same amount so that he can’t say he’s tired of chicken because we will have a different meat almost everyday. This has fourteen recipes on here because I only plan on shopping for 2 weeks but I was thinking that if I do it right these new recipes could be spaced out over the whole month that way we have equal amounts of new and old. But I didn’t plan out the old yet… I think I should just try and get through these two weeks and have all the extra stuff to be creative. I have lots of boring ideas just up there in my head. I’m really good at taking what we have and turning it into something we have never had before but love.
Now my list has chicken beef pork fish and other. The other is because I have a ton of recipes that don’t include meat but can be added to it. I just tried to pick out the simplest recipes from my Pinterest because this is my first meal plan and I want to buy regular ingredients that if not used I can add to my reserves. I suggest this as well because you don’t want to get over whelmed. I have a few roast options in there probably more than I wanted but it’s okay they will create great leftovers.
I hope this helps anyone trying to meal plan! If you have anymore helpful hints comment belowπŸ‘‡

My favorite topic Food!: Ice Cream!


Ok I just want to start this post out by saying if you haven’t tried this ice cream yet. BUY IT NOW.
Ok lol but seriously this is my absolute favorite ice cream ever. It’s called century sundae and was created to celebrate Blue Bell’s 100 anniversary in 2007. I don’t know who invented this flavor but they should deserve some kind of raise.
The ice cream container is a little special because instead of just the color this container has candles on it because of blue bells birthday. This is why it caught my eye the first time I bought it. I’m really picky about my ice cream because I don’t like nuts or peanut butter. I also don’t like just plain vanilla or just plain chocolate. I also don’t like strawberry. My favorite ice cream before this was cherry chocolate chunk the great value kind but my mom always got it for me and I could never find it myself and whenever she died I never found out where it was so I can’t ever have it again most likely. My second flavor is the great divide because I can mix the vanilla and chocolate together. But century sundae is AMAZING and passes those others up by miles. It totally satisfies my pickiness.
This ice cream is what it says it is a sundae it has all the elements of a sundae but it’s ice cream. It’s a swirl of goodness. It has cherry marshmallow stuff vanilla chocolate fudge caramel. It’s delicious so before you buy a whole bunch of toppings to make the ice cream super good remember that you won’t need it! The only problem with the ice cream is they only let it come out every once in a while so if you don’t see it at your store when you go don’t worry it will be there someday just keep looking and look often. I just bought some the other day so hopefully it will be at your store soon!

**this is not a paid sponsorship of this product just merely my opinion of the product and my encouragement for you to create your own opinion**

Frustrated… Just plain frustrated

I’m sorry I know I have been making my blog a lot about my personal life lately but I promise after this one I will try harder to just post my opinions about recipes and wedding and stuff
But tonight will be another vent session πŸ˜₯
So my hubby has always been a pipe dreamer… He talks and talks but never follows through.. He kind of wants to have a get rich fast kind of thing… But now he has settled on this idea of being an engineer which we know is not an easy task or a short process… Now we have a family to support along the way of this journey to be “rich”… I am being sensible and getting a bachelors in nursing four years and we can have a decent life with just my income if we had to. He didn’t graduate high school but has his GED but is not the brightest bulb. ok he struggles with math significantly and he failed his THEA so he had to take a bunch of remedials Which is basically high school courses in college. He has been taking those for two years and is just now starting regular classes… How is someone who can barely pass algebra going to make it to be an engineer… I am not saying my hubby couldn’t do it but it would take him a while and I am behind whatever he wants to do I just wish he would be more reasonable and not just look at the dollar signs… My step mother brought up a position where he could work in that type of field and support us with just a little bit less than what the engineer would make and he wouldn’t even have to have a degree to do it but if he had just a little bit of college it would help him out. So she is telling me about it and says that sometimes if you work for a company long enough they will pay for you to go back to school (yay no loans!). So I’m thinking well this is a great idea and maybe he would think so to.. He totally shot it down didn’t even think about it. His response was “you would move schools so I could do that but you won’t if I wanted to go to another school to get my degree?”
What?! Why would I if we can’t afford the college you want to go to and you won’t be freaking working!
This is where he could have a GREAT job while I finish school and when I’m working he could cut back hours and pursue what he wanted while they paid for it and even if they didn’t he could still cut back and take just a few classes… He has absolutely no patience! He wants the big bucks now not later when I’m not sure we will ever get to that point..
He has no grasp of the concept of loans either… He just looks at all the money he could have now and doesn’t care if he has to pay it back later. Now we have discussed that since we have the boys that I could stay home and go to school while he worked and went to school. Now for us to survive we need our return checks from college which we would only get if we took out loans which we have to anyway but you don’t have to take everything they offer you. But he does.. He wants to pay off his car by a new sports car and buy a motorcycle and get tattoos so many things that are unnecessary and will not benefit us as a family in anyway. I think we should only take as much as we need to survive and that’s it because we will pay for it later and he’s gonna wish that he had never done it.. I don’t understand his logic and I’m really stressed at how we will function. I love him dearly he is a wonderful person but he can be so naive about things and I know he has wants that he should be able to fill but there is the no patience thing again. He can’t wait until we can afford it by ourselves to get these things.. I just don’t know how to express all these feeling I have about all this without him being defensive. We disagree so much in this very important subject it makes me question how we will be able to function together later in life…
Can anyone shed some light on this sticky subject… 😰

Healthy food actually that good for you??

So all of us ladies keep up with the latest food fads and what other healthy recipes can we find because who doesn’t like to keep a slim figure right? Well I just read a story of a man who ate nothing but McDonalds for 3 whole months breakfast lunch and dinner. He lost 37 pounds and his cholesterol went down significantly. And he actually only went on a 45 minute walk everyday. The catch is he kept to the recommended 2,000 calorie limit. His point is that it’s not what or where we eat it’s just how much we eat and the choices we make. So the media is always blaming fast food for making America fat which is completely untrue because you made the choice to eat to much. You make yourself fat. Let’s just be honest here. We love our greasy burgers and salty fries (well I know I do) but if you want to eat that then sure but that means you have to eat less for the other meals. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t want fast food chains such as McDonald’s to not have healthier options because I really do. You can eat unhealthy and lose weight but will you really feel that great? Probably not but that doesn’t mean you should not EVER have it. So when you read those stories about how horrible and full of calories this places food is and how they should be shut down because they make people fat… Just remember that people make their own choices and it’s not only the fault of the restaurant. One thing I do find irritating is how expensive being healthy at fast food places really is compared to there unhealthy counterparts. You can get a single burger at mcdonalds for a dollar plus tax. If you get just a salad it is around 7$ now the salad has all kinds of toppings while the burger had bread cheese and what seems to be meat and is significantly smaller. But the cost of a head of lettuce is around $0.75-1.00 (don’t hold me to that…) but that head of lettuce can make three of their salad and the toppings are very little as well so how could they make a burger a dollar and still get profit to pay for the stores and employees? I don’t know I just wish they were equally the same amount but I don’t run a restaurant so I couldn’t offer any expertise in the subject… I wish they could make the salads more affordable for the less fortunate but this comes back around to choices and how to often people make poor ones.
Back to the healthy diets and such ladies if you want to loose a little weight just make sure you count those calories and do some exercising and slowly but surely you will reach your goal.

*This is not meant to slander the Mcdonalds restaurants at any point they have great options and was just used as an example restaurant because most people know of it.*

Tired of being late!

When I was a teenager I was taught you weren’t on time unless you were early. So when I am right on time for something I feel defeated and late and rushed. Horrible. When I had my first son I was still reasonably on time for things with the occasional lateness by that definition above. When I had my second son everything change now I’m actually late for almost everything… Ughhh especially when I go to my parents house in Dallas. It has gotten so bad that my parents don’t even ask what time I will be there anymore… And people tell me to set to go extra early and you will be on time. Well that doesn’t work because I already know what I’m doing and I will still be late… Plus I tried it already… For someone who was always early and aware of what time it is at all times how in adult life could I be late?! I guess it’s the kids I just can’t handle my time well.. Idk but I really really really hope I get better at this as they get older!

So just a relationship thought…

Have you ever just randomly switched places in the bed? Like which side you sleep on?
Wait what were u thinking?..😏 perverts lol
Just kidding lol but when you moved in together each of you decided on a side of the bed right? And if y’all both slept on the same side the girl won right? Well that’s how it was for us we slept on the same side and despite the fact that light and walls bother my hubby I won. Selfish right? well he didn’t tell me till after we got used to our accustomed “spots”. Well now he works late at night occasionally and I get lonely so I lay on his side of the bed to distract me from his absence. Well one night he said I wouldn’t move over so he just slept on my side and now we have been sleeping like this for 10 days. Weird lol you think you have those habits you will never change but idk I guess they do.
Another thought is for moms especially. Does your guy like not willingly take care of the baby? Do you have to like beg him to do anything for the kids? I’ve noticed lately that a lot of moms I have talked to describe their man that way including myself so I feel like even if you got with another man it wouldn’t change so don’t give up in your hubby and say he’s a horrible dad because it’s not programmed in their brain to nurture a child. We have a three year old and a one year old and my man STILL to this day gags when he changes their poop diapers. Like what? I’ve gotten over it so long ago. But they are just men and really can’t control it. The only advice I can give is openly talk about it without any hostility because saying how you feel no matter how reasonable in a hostile environment only makes everything 1 million times worse! Just try and tell him that it is unacceptable that you do so much and he doesn’t. Another thing is sometimes they avoid doing things for the baby because they don’t know how and how could a man ask a women for help (eye roll) the world would come to an end (Sarcasm). So maybe try and ask where they are stuck at and teach them to do that. Because even if it is your 10th baby it’s still a learning process for everyone with that one baby whether it’s your 1st or 19th because like the docs say every baby is different. The key ladies is to talk and to understand that it isn’t at all in their brain to nurture.. Well anything really… And as easy as it is to us to feed the baby it’s awkward and weird for the guys.
Hope this helps any struggling parents out there!

My favorite subject Food!: meal planning

So I’ve been doing this meal planning so we can make our grocery money go farther. So I have been trying to organize my Pinterest recipes so that I could actually pick things to make. Now I’m definitely not done with that part because I have literally 400 pins on just my dinner board. But I have enough to pick from for 14 days. This is not including lunches or breakfast but I have found that a lot of items needed for these recipes are already on my basics list. Which is good but my basics list enormous and I’m actually worried about lunches. For my children and I lunch is very important almost more so than Dinner because most of the time they don’t eat much for dinner because they have so much for lunch. Well I could just cook our big meal for lunch and the hubby could heat up his part later on after work but these recipes are not going to work all the time and what if we have an extra busy day and the boys are so picky.
Man I thought being a stay at home mom would be less stress than working… At least when I worked the hubby had to clean and cook some which he does some but not as much as before because I do it throughout the day while he’s gone. But dang these stay at home moms with like 6+ kids plus their hubby how do you do it?!?! Share your secrets with me!

Well I’m hoping that with practice and time this will get easier. But when you have all these mouths and well beings relying on you it’s hard and you just hope and pray that this time around you do not run out of food 2 weeks in and have to wait 2 more weeks to get groceries buying food with your rent money. Trust me everyone it is not easy but it will get better. I have to believe that when there is bad times it makes the good times even better. I have to Try to do better in life and believe there is still good and good things will come. Hopefully this new plan of mine works out and we won’t have to worry about food this next month! πŸ™‚

Some girls just have Glitter running in their veins ;)