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For all the mommies out there!

Let’s talk about kid crafts!
It’s summer and for all the moms out there I know your running out of stuff to do right? School couldn’t be close enough 😉
Well I have collected several different activities to do with your kiddos!

The “dry erase board” in a binder!
Sheet protectors
Dry erase markers
Activity sheets
Put it all together and your ready for tons of fun learning! 🙂 I can’t wait to try this with my boys!
Here are some examples of activity sheets



You can also create stuff! Nothing is more amazing to a kid than when they can create something squishy right?

I bet this glitter slime will entertain them for an hour or two! 🙂
Paint.. Ick who else worried when we use paint because I know I am! Especially with a 1 year old that tastes everything! Well I have found a recipe for EDIBLE PAINT!
All you need is yogurt and koolaid packets in the colors you want!
Get a little bit of yogurt and add enough koolaid for the color you want!

Hope this works how I want it to! If your okay with paint, or you can use the edible pain but idk how it will hold up,then here are some ideas!


We are actually going to use my three year olds feet to do the cars project and hang it in my sons room which is cars and planes themed! How fun!

Now you can also use stuff around your house to make things like animals!

I love these I think they are adorable!

All of these are on my “kids” board on Pinterest! If I didn’t include the recipe on the post you can find the picture which contains the link to the recipe!
I hope this inspires someone! 😙



So for those of you who haven’t caught the dollar general ad. They have an ad out for pampers any size any count for 9.50. Sounds great right? Well the biggest size they have is the 35 ct which you can get 50 cents cheaper at Walmart the AWESOME thing is Walmart does ad match. Are they allowing this ad match even though it doesn’t go against ANY of their rules for ad match… No.. So how are they actually “guaranteeing” the best prices for their customers… Exactly THEY ARENT! this is so ugh annoying. But they also have the Luvs on sale for 6.50$ any count any size did they let me do that EVEN THOUGH CORPORATE HASNT SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THE AD ON THE LUVS. No. Wtf! Excuse my language! So guess what I did! I call home office! She said she would email the store manager at that store because they should have let me as match it -_- have I heard anything not a damn thing.. This is exactly the reason I shop at Kroger! I hate Walmart and I hate SAMs! I don’t like big commercial stores anyway which Kroger is but I cant use my grocery money at the farmers market like I wish I could! I wish I didn’t have to shop at the commercial stores but I have to so I choose Kroger because well it’s smaller.. And my Kroger has some pretty awesome people who work there… I’m so frustrated and I hope that they will let me get my luvs at 6.50…
Sorry about the rant but I hope I’m not the only one who finds this completely hypocritical…

Grocery shopping!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I went shopping for groceries!
Well as for my list of meals I wanted to make and buy groceries for… Yea I made like 2 dishes off the list..
I’m just not organized like that. I really really tried to do it this way but I’m to unorganized. I live day by day. Idk what’s for dinner until it’s time to start cooking. I just whip something up most of the time it’s what looks good to me that day or I have an inspiration from a cooking show or Pinterest or I have a request from Rhylen but those request are usually done for lunch.
BUT the good news is that we are not running out of food. Usually I’m counting the days the last 10 days before we get our grocery money but we could last probably another week without being bothered and we only have 5 days until we get grocery money 🙂 that’s how good I did last time.
The con to this is that now it’s harder to come up with a list because we still have stuff and last time we needed everything. But the good to that con is my grocery list I currently have (which will most likely be modified) is significantly smaller than the last so we have a little more wiggle room to splurge.
This shopping trip I have saved a ton of coupons good coupons at that and hopefully Kroger has a good sale going on when I do go.
I have found that I’m good at saving money that’s all I think about which was not the case a few years ago. I lived with my family then and I never had to worry about the cost of anything. Now I have my own family with a very tiny budget that I have to work around. All I do is look for sales. Whenever I had to buy scrubs for class I went to goodwill… Not even a consignment shop…goodwill. I think I maybe paid 40$ for 15 pairs of scrubs. That is what makes me happy lol. Now I could really save cash if I did the meal planning thing like I planned on but ugh I’m so lazy lol. But the point is I’m always trying to find ways to save money even on Pinterest
I found this pin on how a stay at home mom found ways to cut corners so they can afford to live off of one income

You can find it here or it’s on my “kids” board on Pinterest
She talks about a ton of places to save money not even on the grocery bill loved it and it was so organized. great post.
I do have a tip for moms who are on a strict grocery budget. The gerber graduates entrees ARE NOT WORTH IT. I REPEAT NOT WORTH IT. They are expensive and you can create much better tasting food for your babies than what they offer. It may take you a tiny bit longer than what it would take to put those in the microwave but trust me you will be much happier not to add that to your grocery list. I just remembered this because I saw a couple I had bought that we never used because my son didn’t like them.
Here is some meal ideas from my “kids” Pinterest board

Hope this inspires someone 😙

My son saved my life.

I just want to say that this will be about my faith in God and you don’t like to read about that or it offends you then please keep scrolling

This is my first born son and I. He is truly a gift from god.
I suffer from severe chronic depression and have only in the past year tried medicine to help it. I loved in denial about it for a very very long time. I believe it’s genetic because my mother had it. The point is I cannot handle extreme situations. Especially if it involves death. My mother had a lot of health issues starting with a brain tumor that she survived and a serious infection that put her in ICU. She survived all of this to die from a fall in her house. Whenever she was sick with the tumor I was young and didn’t understand the whole situation. He kept her here for me. She had the infection and I was pregnant with my son I prayed and I prayed to let her see him born. He kept her here for me. It was the February of my senior year and it was a few months before my son turned 1. He took her from me. I was angry I gave up my faith I didn’t understand why. But now I look at him and I thank god that I had him to take care of otherwise I think I would have taken my own life I was so sad for such a very long long time and I envisioned how much easier it would be just to give up. But I would look at his face and think of how I feel now without my mom and I would be doing that to him. I would make him mad and angry and make him give up on his faith he might have a chance to have. It’s been two years since my mother died and my son is now three and I truly couldn’t imagine having a better little boy. He is truly the sweetest little boy and I am so thankful that he is mine and I’m so thankful God gave me something to hold on to while he took my mother from her pain.
I still deal my depression but at least I know what it is and what I can do to help it get better because my pride and joy deserves everything in this world.


So just a relationship thought…

Have you ever just randomly switched places in the bed? Like which side you sleep on?
Wait what were u thinking?..😏 perverts lol
Just kidding lol but when you moved in together each of you decided on a side of the bed right? And if y’all both slept on the same side the girl won right? Well that’s how it was for us we slept on the same side and despite the fact that light and walls bother my hubby I won. Selfish right? well he didn’t tell me till after we got used to our accustomed “spots”. Well now he works late at night occasionally and I get lonely so I lay on his side of the bed to distract me from his absence. Well one night he said I wouldn’t move over so he just slept on my side and now we have been sleeping like this for 10 days. Weird lol you think you have those habits you will never change but idk I guess they do.
Another thought is for moms especially. Does your guy like not willingly take care of the baby? Do you have to like beg him to do anything for the kids? I’ve noticed lately that a lot of moms I have talked to describe their man that way including myself so I feel like even if you got with another man it wouldn’t change so don’t give up in your hubby and say he’s a horrible dad because it’s not programmed in their brain to nurture a child. We have a three year old and a one year old and my man STILL to this day gags when he changes their poop diapers. Like what? I’ve gotten over it so long ago. But they are just men and really can’t control it. The only advice I can give is openly talk about it without any hostility because saying how you feel no matter how reasonable in a hostile environment only makes everything 1 million times worse! Just try and tell him that it is unacceptable that you do so much and he doesn’t. Another thing is sometimes they avoid doing things for the baby because they don’t know how and how could a man ask a women for help (eye roll) the world would come to an end (Sarcasm). So maybe try and ask where they are stuck at and teach them to do that. Because even if it is your 10th baby it’s still a learning process for everyone with that one baby whether it’s your 1st or 19th because like the docs say every baby is different. The key ladies is to talk and to understand that it isn’t at all in their brain to nurture.. Well anything really… And as easy as it is to us to feed the baby it’s awkward and weird for the guys.
Hope this helps any struggling parents out there!