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Talking about my pins!: lipstick

So I was recently asked by my sister in law to help her learn to do make up. Since I’ve been doing my own make up since like the 7th grade all by myself with no help I have learned a lot. Pretty much by trial and error.. Mostly errors.. A lot of errors… I can’t even look at my yearbooks until like 10th grade. Ugh
Anyway I taught her some basics and soon I am going to go and get a huge hall of makeup. Huge like 300$ because I truly have nothing for make up even though I LOVE IT! I love make up and I really only have the basics now because when your a mom a stay at home mom non the less you don’t really have the funds nor the time to do your makeup. But ladies I do encourage to do what makes you feel the prettiest! And if that’s wearing makeup for your 3 year old then so be it! 😉
But anyway I love love love lipstick love it I love the colors I love how it feels everything but the only thing I do hate about it is that in 10 minutes my lipstick is gone. I’ve been on this mission to find a lipstainlipstickgloss stuff. I had discovered it when a coworker showed me her stain gloss stuff and rubbed her hand across the color and NOTHING was on her hand! I was on a search to find it but haven’t. Until now!!! 20140622-221443-80083498.jpg
Of course it’s elf lol
I don’t know if this is the brand she had but it looks just like it almost exactly. I have tried the other elf lip stain that looks kind of like a colored sharpie but that one was no good hopefully when I buy this new elf product I will have more luck.
The only thing is I have other lipsticks I want to last all day! So how do I do this? Well I found this pin on Pinterest 20140622-221827-80307953.jpg
It says if you do these steps your lipstick will last longer but I haven’t tried it yet hopefully this will work for those.
Well I also have a splurge I want to get because I have seen it used on a YouTube make up tutorial and it was amazing! Completely no color fade I was really pigmented and there was absolutely nothing that rubbed off

Now this is really a splurge because it’s 22$ on Amazon and it isn’t on so this would be one time special order just to try it and have it for special occasions maybe like the wedding 😉👰
But seriously want to get these two products and compare and also try those steps above for my already bought lipsticks I love!
All of these pins are on my Pinterest page under the board “my style” you have to dig a tiny bit because I have a lot of hair stuff on there because I recently chopped off all my hair!

In the bottom left I have one of my fav lipsticks on which is I think maybelline 24 hour? I know it’s something 24 hour lol love it!
Hope this inspires someone! 😙