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For all the mommies out there!

Let’s talk about kid crafts!
It’s summer and for all the moms out there I know your running out of stuff to do right? School couldn’t be close enough 😉
Well I have collected several different activities to do with your kiddos!

The “dry erase board” in a binder!
Sheet protectors
Dry erase markers
Activity sheets
Put it all together and your ready for tons of fun learning! 🙂 I can’t wait to try this with my boys!
Here are some examples of activity sheets



You can also create stuff! Nothing is more amazing to a kid than when they can create something squishy right?

I bet this glitter slime will entertain them for an hour or two! 🙂
Paint.. Ick who else worried when we use paint because I know I am! Especially with a 1 year old that tastes everything! Well I have found a recipe for EDIBLE PAINT!
All you need is yogurt and koolaid packets in the colors you want!
Get a little bit of yogurt and add enough koolaid for the color you want!

Hope this works how I want it to! If your okay with paint, or you can use the edible pain but idk how it will hold up,then here are some ideas!


We are actually going to use my three year olds feet to do the cars project and hang it in my sons room which is cars and planes themed! How fun!

Now you can also use stuff around your house to make things like animals!

I love these I think they are adorable!

All of these are on my “kids” board on Pinterest! If I didn’t include the recipe on the post you can find the picture which contains the link to the recipe!
I hope this inspires someone! 😙