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For all the mommies out there!

Let’s talk about kid crafts!
It’s summer and for all the moms out there I know your running out of stuff to do right? School couldn’t be close enough 😉
Well I have collected several different activities to do with your kiddos!

The “dry erase board” in a binder!
Sheet protectors
Dry erase markers
Activity sheets
Put it all together and your ready for tons of fun learning! 🙂 I can’t wait to try this with my boys!
Here are some examples of activity sheets



You can also create stuff! Nothing is more amazing to a kid than when they can create something squishy right?

I bet this glitter slime will entertain them for an hour or two! 🙂
Paint.. Ick who else worried when we use paint because I know I am! Especially with a 1 year old that tastes everything! Well I have found a recipe for EDIBLE PAINT!
All you need is yogurt and koolaid packets in the colors you want!
Get a little bit of yogurt and add enough koolaid for the color you want!

Hope this works how I want it to! If your okay with paint, or you can use the edible pain but idk how it will hold up,then here are some ideas!


We are actually going to use my three year olds feet to do the cars project and hang it in my sons room which is cars and planes themed! How fun!

Now you can also use stuff around your house to make things like animals!

I love these I think they are adorable!

All of these are on my “kids” board on Pinterest! If I didn’t include the recipe on the post you can find the picture which contains the link to the recipe!
I hope this inspires someone! 😙


Homemade hacks all in one place!

This is for those cheapskates, such as myself, out there!
I love saving money anywhere and everywhere. My hubby on the other hand like to put in as little work as possible.. If he can buy it to save him some trouble then that’s what he will do. I am slowly bringing him over to my side of things. But I’ve posted several blog post about my saving money and a mention of how to be able to be a stay at home mom. Well that post featured a different post from someone else about how she saves money by buying things bulk especially cleaning supplies. Well what if you were trying to be more natural with what you buy? Then your really coming out of pocket for those things because it’s a fad right now and they know they squeeze every penny from you. Well you can be even more organic than them by making your own! Because most of those products they are selling “organic” still have traces of nasty preservatives and chemicals. What really shed light is my friend is privileged enough to be able to stay with her parents while she is off of school without working so her project she announced on Facebook for the summer was to make her own soap. A little note on me is I love soap I love the expensive soap but I hate paying the expensive soap price! But anyway she makes all kinds of soap and she is an all natural person she hates chemicals so there is nothing hazardous in her soap and she can make whatever natural scent she wants! Just the other day she made a cinnamon soap and first it was so beautiful to look at and I bet it smelled wonderful!
Well I hate the prices of store bought cleaning supplies especially if I have the time to make it myself! And I know that not a lot of people get that luxury so maybe research your products for your best option! But I want to make a lot of things including soap laundry detergent and baby wipes! The wipes mostly because I don’t like the fact that they have alcohol in them! Ick that hurts my boys when they have rashes!
The laundry detergent is outrageous and I have to buy tide because my boys even my hubby are so sensitive! It’s like 20$ for 70 loads of laundry! Which doesn’t sound like that much but it really is when you realize if you make your own it can give you 200-300 loads for 20$. The only thing I’m worried about with my own laundry detergent is if it will be okay for their sensitive skin but when I go shopping for their supplies I’m going to compare the products and see if there is a extra sensitive version. I wish I had more to talk about with this but I haven’t even started the projects yet! As soon as I get my supplies together and start all of this I will post everything! You can find all of my discoveries of recipes for these topics here or go to my Pinterest page under the “for the home” board!
Hope this inspires someone! 😙