So for those of you who haven’t caught the dollar general ad. They have an ad out for pampers any size any count for 9.50. Sounds great right? Well the biggest size they have is the 35 ct which you can get 50 cents cheaper at Walmart the AWESOME thing is Walmart does ad match. Are they allowing this ad match even though it doesn’t go against ANY of their rules for ad match… No.. So how are they actually “guaranteeing” the best prices for their customers… Exactly THEY ARENT! this is so ugh annoying. But they also have the Luvs on sale for 6.50$ any count any size did they let me do that EVEN THOUGH CORPORATE HASNT SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THE AD ON THE LUVS. No. Wtf! Excuse my language! So guess what I did! I call home office! She said she would email the store manager at that store because they should have let me as match it -_- have I heard anything not a damn thing.. This is exactly the reason I shop at Kroger! I hate Walmart and I hate SAMs! I don’t like big commercial stores anyway which Kroger is but I cant use my grocery money at the farmers market like I wish I could! I wish I didn’t have to shop at the commercial stores but I have to so I choose Kroger because well it’s smaller.. And my Kroger has some pretty awesome people who work there… I’m so frustrated and I hope that they will let me get my luvs at 6.50…
Sorry about the rant but I hope I’m not the only one who finds this completely hypocritical…


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