Tired of being late!

When I was a teenager I was taught you weren’t on time unless you were early. So when I am right on time for something I feel defeated and late and rushed. Horrible. When I had my first son I was still reasonably on time for things with the occasional lateness by that definition above. When I had my second son everything change now I’m actually late for almost everything… Ughhh especially when I go to my parents house in Dallas. It has gotten so bad that my parents don’t even ask what time I will be there anymore… And people tell me to set to go extra early and you will be on time. Well that doesn’t work because I already know what I’m doing and I will still be late… Plus I tried it already… For someone who was always early and aware of what time it is at all times how in adult life could I be late?! I guess it’s the kids I just can’t handle my time well.. Idk but I really really really hope I get better at this as they get older!


So just a relationship thought…

Have you ever just randomly switched places in the bed? Like which side you sleep on?
Wait what were u thinking?..😏 perverts lol
Just kidding lol but when you moved in together each of you decided on a side of the bed right? And if y’all both slept on the same side the girl won right? Well that’s how it was for us we slept on the same side and despite the fact that light and walls bother my hubby I won. Selfish right? well he didn’t tell me till after we got used to our accustomed “spots”. Well now he works late at night occasionally and I get lonely so I lay on his side of the bed to distract me from his absence. Well one night he said I wouldn’t move over so he just slept on my side and now we have been sleeping like this for 10 days. Weird lol you think you have those habits you will never change but idk I guess they do.
Another thought is for moms especially. Does your guy like not willingly take care of the baby? Do you have to like beg him to do anything for the kids? I’ve noticed lately that a lot of moms I have talked to describe their man that way including myself so I feel like even if you got with another man it wouldn’t change so don’t give up in your hubby and say he’s a horrible dad because it’s not programmed in their brain to nurture a child. We have a three year old and a one year old and my man STILL to this day gags when he changes their poop diapers. Like what? I’ve gotten over it so long ago. But they are just men and really can’t control it. The only advice I can give is openly talk about it without any hostility because saying how you feel no matter how reasonable in a hostile environment only makes everything 1 million times worse! Just try and tell him that it is unacceptable that you do so much and he doesn’t. Another thing is sometimes they avoid doing things for the baby because they don’t know how and how could a man ask a women for help (eye roll) the world would come to an end (Sarcasm). So maybe try and ask where they are stuck at and teach them to do that. Because even if it is your 10th baby it’s still a learning process for everyone with that one baby whether it’s your 1st or 19th because like the docs say every baby is different. The key ladies is to talk and to understand that it isn’t at all in their brain to nurture.. Well anything really… And as easy as it is to us to feed the baby it’s awkward and weird for the guys.
Hope this helps any struggling parents out there!

My favorite subject Food!: meal planning

So I’ve been doing this meal planning so we can make our grocery money go farther. So I have been trying to organize my Pinterest recipes so that I could actually pick things to make. Now I’m definitely not done with that part because I have literally 400 pins on just my dinner board. But I have enough to pick from for 14 days. This is not including lunches or breakfast but I have found that a lot of items needed for these recipes are already on my basics list. Which is good but my basics list enormous and I’m actually worried about lunches. For my children and I lunch is very important almost more so than Dinner because most of the time they don’t eat much for dinner because they have so much for lunch. Well I could just cook our big meal for lunch and the hubby could heat up his part later on after work but these recipes are not going to work all the time and what if we have an extra busy day and the boys are so picky.
Man I thought being a stay at home mom would be less stress than working… At least when I worked the hubby had to clean and cook some which he does some but not as much as before because I do it throughout the day while he’s gone. But dang these stay at home moms with like 6+ kids plus their hubby how do you do it?!?! Share your secrets with me!

Well I’m hoping that with practice and time this will get easier. But when you have all these mouths and well beings relying on you it’s hard and you just hope and pray that this time around you do not run out of food 2 weeks in and have to wait 2 more weeks to get groceries buying food with your rent money. Trust me everyone it is not easy but it will get better. I have to believe that when there is bad times it makes the good times even better. I have to Try to do better in life and believe there is still good and good things will come. Hopefully this new plan of mine works out and we won’t have to worry about food this next month! 🙂

It’s time for a rant!

Ok so writing things down helps me get over stuff so let’s have a talk about my day.
Woke up.. Late around 9:45 both my kids were up but didn’t come wake me and for some reason the baby monitor was unplugged!? But they are only 1 and 3 so they don’t know to come get me.. Anyway I get up quickly because we suppose to be meeting their cousins for lunch at 11:15 I hurry make them breakfast get them cleaned off and dressed about 10:50 I’m throwing on clothes and trying to get their shoes on. I am literally 2 min down the road from my house and a cop pulls me over… Just GREAT. My inspection sticker is out… I get a ticket… Great… Then we head over to the play ground and they play but my children refuse to eat probably because they had pancakes for breakfast but it had been a while so I figured they would be wanting a snack like they usually do but my kids decide today of all days is to defy me and throw a huge tantrum in the middle of the play areas while everyone stares at us… So then we go to see their grandma at work so she can watch them while I get my sticker done because there is a penzoil right behind her job… Everything is good until I try to take the boys home… And here is the 2nd tantrum of our day… But I had gotten a call while the cop was pulling me over that we were excepted to a program for the boys to get then ready for kindergarten and we had to make doctor appointments and bring proof that we made the appointments. Sooooo after we get the screaming toddlers into the car and leave I have to take them to their doctor and dentist to get appointment cards for our enrollment on Monday. Ok so in the chaos that was last night and today I haven’t cleaned my house so I bring two sleepy toddlers into my house and I’m just like oh crap I haven’t cleaned and their grandpa is coming over in a couple of hours to get something. This is okay because they are about to take a nap right? Not…. Thankfully at least one is passed out but the other refuses naps now that he is out of school… And all this is going on and I’m worried about my dad getting mad because it was his car and he wanted me to call him whenever I got my oil changed which I didn’t do and my inspection done…


The moral of the story is… Keep your head up because the pain will fade and the sun will shine again and everything will be okay again.

My favorite topic Food!: Meal Planning

So in my last post I wrote on how I was planning on starting to meal plan for my family so it would make our money go farther. I thought it would be a little easier to just pick recipes and create a list. So not easy. I have been going off and on all day with this and have not even made a list of meals yet! And this is where you say “all day and no list?” “how?” Well my problem is I found it easier if I had the recipes on my computer rather than just on pinterest so that they each had a folder (Dinner,Breakfast,Snacks,Etc…) and were organized. So I guess this means I wasn’t meal planning all day I was just organizing recipes…. Ugh… Grocery Shopping day is approaching fast and I need to have my list! Good thing I already have my Basics list finished… Another problem I have come across is I want to make all of these elaborate special different meals and I am not leaving days to have boring grilled chicken and vegetables or my healthy spaghetti. So if you are just starting this process with me and are venturing on pinterest for new ideas just remember that sometimes simplier is better.

Now when I am planning this I have to have special requirements

-Healthy (hubby is on a diet and because he is I am)

-Kid friendly (because I have one picky little boy and one who will devour anything in front of him)

– It can’t be soup *bummer I love soup* (Mostly because the Hubby doesn’t like soup and but also its the beginning of summer)

This list cuts about half of the healthy meals out there in half….The struggle is real y’all haha! So I have told my Hubby I will put as much completely healthy meals in the plan but there will be days that it wont work out and he will just have to eat less than usual. *Just Remember when doing this for your family compromise is best and another thing is don’t tell them your doing it so you can just make what you feel is best*

I have found some great Recipes that will be good for everyone.

One being Easy Baked Spaghetti, now I havent tried this recipe yet but it looks promising and if you substitute some ingredients with wheat or low fat low sodium products.Image

*This is one I have Pinned on Pinterest on my Dinner Board*

Easy Baked Spaghetti


1 pound Ditalini pasta (or other favorite noodle or spaghetti)

2 cups frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained

15 ounces part skim ricotta cheese

1/2 of a 0.4 ounce ranch dressing mix package

24 ounce jar of marinara sauce

1 cup grated parmesan cheese, divided

1 cup grated mozzarella cheese


Preheat the oven to 350°F. Spray a 9×13″ pan with oil.

Cook the noodles according to the packaged instructions.

Meanwhile, in a large bowl, stir the spinach, ricotta cheese and dressing mix together.

Once the noodles are cooked, drain and put back into the pot. Stir in the marinara sauce and 1/2 cup of the parmesan cheese until combined.

Spread half of the noodle mixture into the prepared pan.

Spread all of the spinach mixture onto the noodles.

Spread the remaining noodle mixture on top.

Sprinkle the remaining parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese on top.

Bake for 30 minutes until melted and hot.


Hopefully this will be a change of base from our usual spaghetti that apparently Rhylen, who looooovvvveeeesss spaghetti, wont eat anymore. I have a TON and I literally mean a Ton of Food Pins on Pinterest. Follow me pinterest.com/rhiannoneq  !

My favorite subject Food!

As a basic family on four you would think it wouldn’t be that hard to feed them right. Wrong. My family consist of 2 boys 1 man and myself. Now my little boys are not little thanks to their dad and granddads. They eat and they eat and then they eat some more. My three year old is ALWAYS hungry but this is because he refuses to eat any vegetable (except corn) and won’t eat any fruit. I used to be able to get him to eat rice but I think he caught on to the peas I would sneak in there. So his diet consist of meat beans corn cereal oatmeal and occasionally pizza. Worst diet for a three year old ever and no wonder he is always hungry! My one year old will eat almost anything. I had a cooking in my hand to give him and he had a piece of orange next to him. He reached for the orange. What?! I was beyond thrilled. So their dad used to devour food he’s a big guy and I couldn’t keep left overs to save my life but now thankfully he is eating less and way more healthy. Now in this transition it has been so difficult finding things that will satisfy my hubby without a lot of calories and what my 3 year old would eat as well. Let’s just say I usually had to cook two meals for dinner. Now I usually buy for a whole month when I go grocery shopping because going to the store every week with two toddlers in tow is horrendous. So whenever we ran out of groceries two weeks in and no money left to buy more I had to become creative and my hubby had to stray away from his diet some. This month is truly a struggle for us being it’s the first month where the kids are home full time and our diet is truly changing.
Well my point of the post is I have heard about meal planning and stick to your plan. My kids great aunt told me about this one and it works with her 200$ budget per week but I have seen it on Pinterest as well. You plan your meals how ever long you are planning to buy for and you make your meals as you want. What I thought you had to do for it to work is plan every day to the t and then go shopping but if you make a list of meals you want to make and then just make them as you wish it would be easier. I am actually going to try this method this time around but I think I’m going to have to bow down and just buy for two weeks this time to make it work for us.
So planning this is very difficult with four family members who eat totally different. Trying to find meals that will satisfy everyone will be a challenge. Hopefully this will go well and I can tell y’all all about it when I finish.

Here are some pins from my dinner board that you can refer to for some new recipe ideas 7 day menu
14 day menu

So this is just a thought…

Today I have reflected so much on my life and how I have grown as a person. I don’t know why today or why not yesterday but I can truly see how far I have come.
I was a bad kid not horrible but I had sex at 14. what 14 year old girl should be doing that. None. If I knew then what I know now I would not have done that but everyone has mistakes and the only way to get past those mistakes are to learn from them. I had several “boyfriends” which really weren’t boyfriends but I talked to a lot of boys but the point is I had no reason to receive male attention. I lived with my dad and we had a great relationship. I don’t know I guess it’s that teenage phase. As I was talking to boys and being teenager-Ish I always had my friend by my side who was there through everything. He was a boy and just sat idly by while I basically “dated” all of his friends. Whenever I realized I had true feeling for him it was like fireworks. We were inseparable. And we stayed together it will be 6 years this June. I am very weird about people and I don’t have a lot of true friends but he is truly my absolute best friend ever. Does that make our relationship easy? Heck no. We have been through so many ups and downs I don’t think there is anything we cannot get past. When we were younger I was quick to try and end things because we were young how could we last forever if was bound to end but now that we are older divorce or splitting up has never came as an option. We have only grown closer and now that I have grown wiser I have learned that the fairy tale love is not real. Even if you are head over heels in love with someone things will change and the newness of your relationship will fade but if you truly love that person you will fight for your love. Fight is literal I have to fight back all the negative thoughts all the negative facts and push through because it will get better.
It is so funny we will get into a huge argument and I will leave the room and get on Pinterest and pin stuff for our wedding because no matter how angry I get with him I know he will always be there. He is my person (I’m a Grey’s anatomy fan 😊) he is truly the one person I can completely trust. I have a “bubble” and I don’t like people in it. I don’t mean the physical bubble everyone refers to. I mean it’s like that but it’s also a mental thing. I don’t like people to come to my house and visit it’s just weird to me not because I don’t think it’s normal but I just don’t want people in my sanctuary and I don’t tell people things about me or how I feel only he knows absolutely everything. He is the one person who will know what I would want if I couldn’t communicate.

I wish the little girl of me would not have dreamed for that love story because I didn’t get it I thought we would just love each other and live our lives loving each other. It is so much work. It is hard. But it is truly worth every bit of it to have that one person that is completely ok with you after knowing everything. It is truly a blessing that I am thankful for.

I got off track talking about my relationship but I have grown in the fact that now I know that you have to work to keep what you love nothing will fall into place he doesn’t complete me but we work to work together we work for our love we give to each other. I would not have said any of this before and I am proud of myself for that. We have so much more to learn and so much more growing to do but I am proud to say I will fight for us always. To look back and see how childish I was is horrible but I’m happy that I have learned from my mistakes and can move on with life as a better person.

I don’t want anyone to feel as though they should model their relationship after ours because we are not perfect and everyone functions differently. Work in what you feel should be the way to love together.

Talking about my pins!: wedding dresses

I have searched and searched and searched AND SEARCHED for the perfect wedding dress.
The problem is I already have one. My dad liked it so we got it but it wasn’t what I wanted.
Now I’m not going to post a picture of it because I don’t want my hubby accidentally coming across it.

This is what I want

This I found today which I fell in love with.

This is what made me look for something like that
*this picture came from a seller on craigslist*


Now these look ABSOLUTELY nothing like my dress which is a a-line with little bit of detail on a lace overlay. I feel pretty in my dress but I’m not sure I felt pretty in my dress because my dad said I did or if I really did. I want to feel like a princess in my dress which My dress is princess like and the dresses I am looking at are not princess at all. So I’m not sure if I’m just dreaming of being sexy, which I do often but never go through with, or if I am actually meant to wear something like that. I feel like I should visit a bridal store and try on something like it because I haven’t yet or if I should just stop looking and be happy with my dress I already have?

Another thing I’m worried about is if my hubby will like my dress because he has a problem with “old lady” stuff which is bad because I love vintage antique looking things… My dress is definitely not what you see in bridal magazines nowadays which I actually like but what he categorizes as “old lady like” would be lace and the style which my dress has both so I think my solution is going to have to be that my hubby and I go to a bridal shop I try on dresses similar to both the already bought dress and what I’ve been dreaming of.

Any suggestions?

It’s Disney time!

My hubby and I have decided that instead of taking ourselves to wonderful honeymoon full of alone time we will be taking our children to disney world for Christmas!


I’m happy about this really because I didn’t know how I was going to be away from my babies for a week! So we are really excited but it won’t be until December of 2015. I have began the planning! My mother in law took her kids and knows all the how tos to this process. Her words are “you can just up and go to disney and expect there to be room for you” you have to make reservations for EVERYTHING. And the exciting most wanted to do things go quick like bibbidi boppidi boutique and chef mickeys.
So I have gone through pages and pages of articles and Pinterest pins and the by far best website to do you research in is wdwprepschool.com
This is by far the best pin I have on my disney board. She shows you her disney binder! Oh my goodness! I love to have Pinterest but if I can actually hold it in my hands and look at paper instead of a screen it is so much easier and more organized!

Find this. Pin it. Study it. Make your own!
I will be making one but haven’t gotten to do it yet. I am doing more research so I can have all the information I can in my binder!
Obviously her binder is very elaborate and you don’t have to use what she uses but it is a good starting point. Mine will be more simple because as the saying goes, don’t judge the book by its cover! 😉

What’s today? Apparently the most stressful day of my week!

Ha just thought that would make you smile. Well happy Wednesday everyone! I am exhausted today. I just got accepted to a university in my town. Which was exciting… For about a day. I went to the school today to register. Oh my goodness! The struggle you have to go through just to be able to go to class!
Ok first parents or students if you were born 93 or after you have to get a booster at most 5 years to the date of beginning classes. If you have gotten this but it has been more than five years since you will have to go get a booster shot… I wish they would have told me that..
Next. For some reason I have to be “advised” to be able to get registered? What? Am I not a competent adult who can figure out what classes to take? I find this rule absolutely RIDICULOUS. But non the less you have to do that so parents and students make sure you see if you need to do this before registering.
Another is the orientation oh my this is soooooo “important” for me this is horrible because for one I HATE crowds. And two I have kids and orientation is just not doable.. But again a must have.
Again a lot of universities have requirements to live on campus for freshman and what not… They have loop holes but just one more unnecessary thing I have to take care of before I can register..
Then my “advisor” said there was another hold on my registering status about a business hold? I’m guessing it has something to do with my financial aid and loans… Hopefully I can take care of everything tomorrow but I spent 5 hours on campus today walking around with two kids trying to figure all this out and people just pushing me away to one place or another. If you can be forceful and make a councilor explain to you EVERYTHING and how to get everything taken care of..
The struggle.. Hopefully this helps someone.